NMC Water Distribution Management Project


Sewerage system: The current sewerage system covers only 60% of the city and suffers from frequent problems of choking and over-flowing. The system is divided into three zones – north, south and central. The situation is worse in the north zone. Pumping and treatment facilities are grossly inadequate; out of 235 MLD, only 100 MLD is collected and treated. Less than 50% of the sewage is collected, which is disposed into the rivers without any treatment. 

Storm Water Drainage: The city’s natural drainage pattern is excellent, with suitable topography and a natural gradient. There are two major natural streams – Nag and Pilli and several connecting nallahs running across the city. Currently, only 30-35% of the roads have storm water drains. These also carry sewage and hence often get choked and flooded.

Solid Waste Management: The collection levels of solid waste are good. 75% of the waste is collected through door-to-door collection services under a NGO–NMC partnership initiative. Contracts for road sweeping have also been given out to NGOs and private agencies. Overall, citizens are satisfied with collection services and cleanliness levels.

Roads & Public Transport: The Integrated Road Development Project (IRDP) revolutionised the roads in the city, which now enjoy an excellent status, in terms of both coverage and quality. Vehicle ownership is quite high; there are 4.6 lakhs registered vehicles and 280 are being added every day. But the corresponding infrastructure in terms of parking facilities is highly inadequate. Also, the road conditions being excellent, the average travel speed is quite high at 25 km. per hour making road safety a cause of concern. Considering the population and spread of the city, the public transportation system is highly inadequate.  

Capital Investment Plan: The total estimated capital investment required for providing efficient services to the present and future population of NMC by the year 2011-12 is Rs. 5894 crores (at current prices). More than 70% of the investments proposed under the CIP are dedicated to the sectors of MRTS and traffic management, slum development/housing, and roads and bridges. The water and sewerage sectors have been allocated 10% and 8.7% respectively of the total investment. 

Progress under JNNURM

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), as a reform linked investment program, provides an opportunity to the Municipal Corporation to fill the increasing gap between existing and desired service deliveries. The city was also the recipient of ‘ Best Performing City under JnNURM’ award in 2008 from GoI. With a focus on addressing these issues on priority, total 17 projects have been approved out of this 12 projects have been proposed under water supply by NMC under JNNURM. The projects are mainly address issues related to augmentation, energy and water audits and recycle and reuse of waste water. The projects are mentioned below:


                                     Project : Energy Audit & Energy conservation for Nagpur Water Supply System

Salient Features of the Project:
The project proposed under the energy audit study aimed at reducing the energy cost to NMC by inefficient pumping machinery & system improvement with Public Private Participation in project cost. The total connected load is about 17 MW & working pump load of 10 MW. Before the study, the annual energy consumption was of appx. 78 million units with energy bill of Rs. 210 million for major pumping stations with specific energy consumption of 450 kWh / Ml of treated water with energy cost of Rs. 1200/Ml @ Rs. 2.70/kWH.

The project was sanctioned in 1st CSMC meeting held on 21st March 2006 with approved cost of Rs. 2503.62.77 Lakhs and committed duration of 30months.  

The main features of the project are given below:

  •   Saving in energy consumption

  •  Replacement of inefficient pumping machinery

  •  Recycle of water

  •  PPP in municipal project

  •  Energy Efficiency Monitoring System

  •  To help equitable distribution of water in all regions by installing “Central Monitoring System” for real time data recording, storing, monitoring for flow, pressure, level, energy etc.

   Implementation process:

The project was sanctioned on 21st March, 2006 and its duration was 2 years. The actual date of completion of the project was 31st July, 2009. The mode of the project was EPC in 6 packages & PPP in 2 tender packages namely:

  • Replacement of existing Pumping Machinery at Pench-I Mahadula (Rs. 295.38 Lakhs)


  • Replacement of existing Pumping Machinery at Pench-I Gorewada (Rs. 260.86 Lakhs)


  • Improvement retrofitting to existing pumping machineries at Pench-II Mahadula (Rs. 54.81 Lakhs)


  • Improvement retrofitting to existing pumping machineries at Pench-II Gorewada (Rs. 30.94 Lakhs)


  • Laying of 1200 mm MS Pipeline from Gittikhadan Sq. to Governor House (Rs. 522.87 Lakhs)


  • Improvement at Pench-I WTP at Gorewada (Rs. 641.35)- 37.63% PPC Share


  • Laying of parallel pipeline for Kanhan Pumping Main from Automotive Sq. to Subhan Nagar ESR (Rs. 407.35)


  • Automation / Instrumentation of existing Pumping Station & WTP (Rs. 614.37)- 30% PPP Share

It was observed that the fund release to project account and the end payment to contractors were regular. There was no delay in release to project account as well as making payments that means no funds scarcity. Nagpur Municipal Corporation appointed a PMC in Nagpur to assist in the smooth implementation of the project.  

The completed project cost is Rs. 2879.230 Lacs which includes PPP share Rs. 379.110 Lacs and there was no escalation of project cost. The O&M expenses cost for next five years will be Rs. 711.16 Lakhs including supply, installation, commissioning and comprehensive operation and maintenance for a period of five years after one year warranty period.

Initiatives Implemented :

NMC has conducted the energy audit for entire water system including Pumping system.

 A] The energy conservation potential for NMC has been identified and divided into three broad categories. duction of static and frictional head. Action plan was prepared to reduce the system head for pumping by 11 mtr from original 60 mtr pumping head has resulted in to 20% saving in energy cost for pumping of 136 Mld.


B] Improvement in pumping system efficiency by replacement of ageing inefficient pumps with better efficient pump and improvement in existing pumping machinery to operate at Best efficiency point (BEP). It includes replacement of the 40 numbers of pumps. The selection of pumps was done by present value of pumping cost (Capital cost + Energy cost + spares cost) for the period of 10 years. It resulted in to selection of best efficient pumps. The 15-25% savings are started from implemented project.


 C] Effective control & remote monitoring system to operate pumping system at prescribed efficiency level by implementation of automation/ instrumentation & SCADA system for Nagpur water Supply & Distribution System.

 D] System improvement / up-gradation to reduce the losses in the system.

          Situation before the implementation of initiatives

After implementation :

Above initiative has resulted in following

1)      Reduction in pumping head by 11 meter.

2)      Replacement of old inefficient pumping machinery with efficient pumps & motors.

3)      Enhanced the pumping efficiency upto 80-85%

4)      Avoid frequent breakdowns due to old machinery

5)      Renovation of plant  for next 10-15 years

6)      Reduction in kWh/ML i.e. 285 kWh/ML to 195 kWh/ML

7)      Savings Achieved Rs. 163.593 lakhs / year.

8)      Total increase in NMC water supply by 40 MLD

9)      Annual Savings of more 97 lakhs kWh units

10)  Total Value of energy savings for NMC is more than 1 lakhs/day



Innovations (Learning’s)

  • PPP in small municipal operational projects

  • Recycle of 7 mld backwash water at Gorewada Pench-I WTP

  • “Multi-flow’ technology for 16 mld additional capacity at Gorewada Pench-I WTP

  • Performance based contract

  • Accountability on contractor’s part due to capital contribution in project cost

  • Real time Central Monitoring System for Water Distribution System Monitoring of energy & pump efficiency

Project Impact

  • Energy Saving through performance based contract.Annual energy savings of Rs. 4.75 Crores/Year

  • Improved quality & quantity

  • Reliable Water Supply to city

  • On line monitoring through centralised monitoring system & information hub

  • Equitable water distribution Effective complaints redressal system through website & transparency to public


Replicability and sustainability
The project under taken by Nagpur Municipal Corporation can be a model for others to fallow as it ensures & attracts following:

  • PPP experience in municipal water supply sector in India

  • Engage in long term management contract instead of service contract.

  • Introduction of new technologies & expertise

  • Energy Savings through performance based contract ensures sustainable system which is the need of today for every municipal corporations

  • More transparency & accountability through monitoring & information center for citizens

All these projects are expected to converge at ensuring NMC’s aim to achieve full cost recovery on its O&M expenditure on water supply.

For further details contact:
Nagpur Municipal Corporation
Water Works Department
B/H Dik Dispensary, East High Court Road,


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